Interested in contacts? Already wear but looking for a better fit? We can help.


This is step one of a contact lens exam. After discussing your needs, and taking precise measurements of your eye, we’ll fit you with trial contacts. The comfort, vision, and health are then assessed.

Once you learn how to insert & remove your contacts, we’ll schedule a follow-up. During this time, you will test the contacts in real life, to confirm that your eyes are adjusting. 

Once happy, we will issue a contact lens prescription so you can begin ordering.

Why Choose Us for A Contact Lens Exam?

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are on par with what's at big box stores or online. A fit can also save you from buying contacts that aren't right for you.

The Right Fit

We ensure that you receive contacts that are comfortable, provide clear vision, and are healthy for your eyes.

Wide Brand Selection

We have many brands and modalities to fit your lifestyle. And as contact lens technology changes, we'll discuss these advances with you.


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